Dai Tsuchi

Dai Tsuchi

The Dai Tsuchi was a two-handed warhammer most commonly used by the bushi of the Crab Clan. [1] It was excellent for smashing through armor and against cavalry charges. [2]

Heavy Weapon Edit

The Dai Tsuchi required great strength to be wielded effectively and was primarily an offensive weapon, as one could not parry blows with it. It focused its heavy weight and impact into a small striking area and could shatter armor or carapace alike. The hammer's heavy weight and reach made it nearly impossible for an opponent to block or parry. [3]

Favored by the Crab Edit

Dai Tsuchi 2

Dai Tsuchi

The weapon was especially favored by the Hida as it was very effective when used against the thick hided denizens of the Shadowlands. Of course, the dai-tsuchi was also capable of crushing human opponents as well.

The high penetrating power of the Dai Tsuchi combined with the stoic endurance of the average Crab bushi made it a very dangerous weapon to come up against. The horrific crushing damage inflicted by a well aimed strike from a Dai Tsuchi seemed, of all weapons, to embody the philosophy of the Crab army, being irresistable, blunt and overwhelming.

It was most famously seen as the the favorite weapon of Crab Clan Champion Hida O-Ushi and her son Hida Kuon. [3]

Variants Edit

Some Dai Tsuchi had detachable heads which could be replaced with heads of pure jade or crystal. Another variant, called the 'jade cloud Dai Tsuchi' had a specially designed steel head, hollowed inside with small vents and filled with jade dust, which would billow out from the hammer on a heavy impact. [2]

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