Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Siblings: Two un-named brothers

Dai-San, most commonly known as Third, was the leader of the Moment's Edge Firemen kajinin.

Childhood Edit

Third was the third son of a merchant, and no inheritance would be given when his father passed away. [1]

Firemen Edit

He was a man who had a pitiless, no-nonsense attitude towards violence, and sought fortune between the Strong Arm Firemen kajinin. When Matsu Shigeko became the new city's Emerald Magistrate, Third engineered a confrontation between the Strong Arm and the Moment's Edge Firemen and made sure that the leaders of the Strong Arm were removed to become the leader of the gang. He took revenge with his brothers. His only concern was the apearance of the Ryoko Ninja, who seemed an opportunist man with ambition. [1]

Brawls Edit

Once he was kicking a fallen opponent of the Moment's Edge Firemen when Kitsuki Jotomon appeared and immobilized Third, and the Dragon told she was doing it to avoid Third could be imprisoned for killing a helpless man. [2]


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