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RPG Information Edit

Cursed By the Realm (Disadvantage, 4 points, 5 points for Shugenja) [Spiritual]

Character with the Cursed By the Realm disadvantage have been marked by the Spirit Realm as their foe. [1]

Effects from the Spirit Realm Edit

  • Chikushudo: Characters are disliked by the animals.
  • Gaki-do: Characters will be attacked by any gaki on sight.
  • Jigoku: Characters are easier affected by the Shadowlands Taint.
  • Maigo no Musha: Characters perform worse any of his abilities which interacts with a spirit in any way.
  • Meido: Characters tend to lapse into a trance-like state when unoccupied by physical activity or social interaction. They also are less perceptives.
  • Sakkaku: Character are haunted by trickster spirits, becoming victim of some elaborate, cruel prank in a regular basis.
  • Tengoku: Characters feel the Celestial Heavens rejected them when inside a temple or shrine.
  • Toshigoku: Characters are easilly overcome by bloodlust, attacking any wounded party.
  • Yomi: Characters can not hear their ancestors and have severed their inheritance.
  • Yume-do: Characters are plagued with horrific nightmares, making sleep difficult.

Characters Known to Have this Disadvantage Edit


  1. Legend of the Five Rings; Fourth Edition, p. 158

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