Cursed Chop of the Hantei
Created by: Unkown
First used by: Hantei XXIX
Currently in the possession of: Unkown

The Cursed Chop of the Hantei was the Imperial chop of Hantei XXXIX, the Emperor who eventually became the vessel of Fu Leng. [1]

Abilities Edit

Whoever carried the chop would have extraordinary good fortune, and the chop would always be the obvious source. This was a curse, because the instant it was sold or given away, that fortune changed to disaster. [1]

History Edit

The chop had subtly touched by the Taint during the Emperor's possession by Fu Leng. It remained unused in the Imperial Palace and shortly after the Fall of Otosan Uchi it was found by a nezumi. The creature in turn sold it to a merchant, in return for a sack of rice. The rice proved to be contaminated, causing many members of the Nezumi's tribe to die. The merchant marked a few ancient ink paintings with the chop, selling them as genuine Imperial relics. Several of those who bought the paintings were stroken by the curse. [2]


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