Cursed Blade Dojo, also known as Shiro of the Legion, was built in the City of the Lost as the primary dojo of the Daigotsu's Legion school. The students trained the rank and file of the Obsidian Legions. [1]

Training Edit

Students were bushi who fell to the taint, or native-born to the Shadowlands. They won promotion entirely through the discretion of the sensei. The more ambitious student did not hesitate to help the process along, by means that included challenging each other to duel, or subverting each other's standing in the eyes of the sensei. [2]

Destruction Edit

The Cursed Blade dojo was burned to the ground when Daigotsu abandoned the City of the Lost and took most of his followers into the Empire to form the Spider Clan. [3]

Known Sensei Edit


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