The Curse of the Ningyo was placed upon the Ningyo race by Ryujin, king of the Orochi. Ryujin, an ally of the Ningyo realized that the Ningyo were immortal. Also knowing that if other sentient races knew that a ningyo's immortality could be attained by eating a ningyo Ryujin cursed the Ningyo. The curse did not harm the Ningyo, however. Rather, any who ate a ningyo's flesh would become immortal, not needing to eat, drink or breathe, but would be cursed for all time. In addition, all Orochi could see invisible markings on these immortals and would not hesitate to take immediate vengeance.

Effects of the Curse Edit

There were five curses total and one would randomly come to one who had eaten a Ningyo.

  • The Curse of Air

One cursed with the Curse of Air will only would be able to confess his murder of the ningyo any time he tried to speak. Any time others speoke to him all he heared was the wail of his victim.

  • The Curse of Earth

One cursed with the Curse of Earth would turn into an immortal oak tree, forever rooted to the ground, yet with his mind intact.

  • The Curse of Fire

Instead of not needing to eat or drink, the person affected by the Curse of Fire was overtaken by burning hunger, yet could not eat or drink normal food. A random substance would be the only food this person could ever have, and they must eat it at least once a day or immediately died.

  • The Curse of Void

One cursed with the Curse of Void immediately turned into a hideous monster for all time.

  • The Curse of Water

One cursed with the Curse of Water became a ningyo, yet could not breathe air and could only breathe underwater. Any orochi was able to tell if a ningyo was actually a cursed immortal and would immediately kill the individual.

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