Blood-Red Moon Cultists

Blood-Red Moon Cultists

The Cult of the Blood-Red Moon was one of the largest and most successful Bloodspeaker cells. Power was its main focus.

Founding Edit

After the defeat in the Battle of Stolen Graves Jama Suru, Iuchiban's lieutenant, and ten Maho-tsukai fled north, towards Phoenix lands. There he found ronin, peasants, and disaffected Isawa eager to rebel, and founded the cell. [1]

Tradition Edit

Unlike most Bloodspeaker cells, the Cult of the Blood-Red Moon prayed to Fu Leng openly. [1] The cell was usually aided by the Oracle of Blood. [2] They were less vulnerable to madness and corruption than most maho-tsukai, and all knew the spell Bleeding the Elements, whic was instrumental in their endurance against the taint. [3]

Training Edit

Training was everything to the Cult. Through study of maho they gained power, the primary lure for new recruits to join. [1]

Notable Sensei Edit

Notable Students Edit

History Edit

Juzimai Edit

The cult promoted a Juzimai, the Five Scarlet Banners, who lived in the Isawa Mori. [2]

Breeding Daigotsu Edit

The cultists tried to kill the son of the Empress Hantei Hochiahime, assaulted the Imperial caravan, took Hantei Sotorii and a pregnant Hochiahime. They were later fouled and Sotorii escaped exchanged by another Yotsu boy. [4] They fostered the new Empress' son, Daigotsu, and the Yotsu, who was named Goju Kyoden. Both individuals and Omoni had underwent a ritual to bind his body and soul to an unnamed oni, with different levels of success. The cultists performed another ritual whereby Omoni, Kyoden, and Daigotsu were all physically exiled into Jigoku. [5]

Scattered Edit

Suru's powers of augury were strong, and he saw the Scorpion Coup and its repercussions years beforehand. He instructed the Cult to disperse and remained hidden until the Battle of Oblivion's Gate. [1] Tsi Shodu became the lieutenant of one of the reincarnation of Jama Suru. [6]

Shahai Edit

After the War Against Shadow Shahai became the leader of the cult. She summoned Daigotsu, Goju Kyoden and Omoni to Rokugan again. [5]

Destroyed Edit

The Cultists were wiped out, and a small cell who attempted to revive the it in 1199 were discovered and erradicated by Hida Kozan, a Kuni Witch Hunter. [7]

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