Ashalan Sandsmith

A Crysteel Sandsmith

Crysteel was a beautiful substance, with a bluish tint and crystal-like translucence, [1] an impossibly light and strong material formed from sand by the Ashalan. [2]

Creation Edit

Ashalan Blade

A Crysteel Blade

Crysteel was created after the First Jinn War, which resulted in the slavery of Ashalan and humanity. The crysteel forged weapons were used to damage the dark jinn, who could not be injured by other means at that time. [3]

Original sandsmithers Edit

Maymun and Khadja discovered how to master the sandsmithing. They performed a complex ritual which used fire to purify the sand, becoming crysteel. Other sahir attempted to copy them, but the product broke easily. It was found that the crysteel reflected the soul of the smithers, and only those with patience and care could forge it. [4]

Crysteel Weapons Edit

They used it to make weapons [5] in their Ashalan Sandsmiths. [6] Crysteel blades had similar properties to other Crystal Weapons but the additional steps in manufacture typically resulted in superior quality weapons compared to other weapons made from crystal. [7] They were strong as crystal and as durable as steel. [8]

Inspired Edit

Crysteel Sword

Crysteel Sword

The Ashalan race was inspired by this discovery, and modified their psychology. Many Ashalan did not understand the responsability of the immortality. With the crysteel smithing the youth began to listen more to the Council of Twelve, rulers of their race. [9]

Alternative method Edit

The Ashalan developed an alternative method which used crystal as raw material, but it was also a secret they did not share. [10]


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