Crystal Wind 
Crystal Wind 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1199

Crystal Wind was the nickname of an Ashalan.

Ivory Kingdoms Fiefdom Edit

Crystal Wind was cast out from his own people for his hubris and lust for power. He moved to the Ivory Kingdoms and created a vast fiefdom, with many slaves. His brand was found on a great many, and their minds were broken to serve him without thought of themselves. [1]

Slumber Edit

The people eventually rose up against him and, lacking the ability slay him, they instead bound him into an eternal slumber. Their most powerful shamans bound him and maintained the wards protecting him for thousands of years. [1] Crystal Wind slumbered deep beneath the earth in the Colonies. He did not rest during his slumber, instead casting his mind out into the Colonies to pursue his enigmatic goals. His influence had created difficulties for the Crane and Scorpion within the Second City in the 12th century. [2] The creature used crystal from an outcropping in the Southern reaches of the Colonies to extend his will to others. The Ashalan had subjugated Bayushi Manami, and used him to extend its network of control to Doji Nikaitsu. A group of samurai began to investigate the Crane's bizarre behavior and interfered with its manipulations. [3]

Awakened Edit

Tanzaki's Fate

Crystal Wind Awakened

The Scorpion Clan managed to get a map of the area where the Asahalan was hidden [4] in the Frontier. [5] In 1198 the Ashalan was enraged his rest was disturbed by the Rokugani Ide Kamino, the monk Buraindo or Raya. The Ashalan took care of them. The next year another Rokugani, Shosuro Tanzaki, appeared in his lair following the tracks of those who had disappeared. [1] The Crystal Wind showed his mistake. [6]

Death Edit

The Crystal Wind attacked Jungle's Shadow Village and a group of samurai fought those men the Ashalan had enthralled with his sigils. [7] Eventually the creature was dead, pierced by one of its own strange weapons. The nezumi Br'nn was instrumental in its demise. [8]

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