A piece of Crystal

Crystal were the tears of Amaterasu which fell to Ningen-do and laid alone, slowly hardening in this transparent material. [1] Kuni scholars believed that the original tears of Lady Sun solidified before actually touching the Realm of Mortals, and it made that crystal focused its purity inward rather than outward. [2]

Scarcity Edit

Crystal was a rare find in Rokugan, and as such any mines were quite valuable. The Ashalan were rumored to be able to do great things with crystal [3], and weapons made from crystal, such as a Crystal Katana, were great weapons against the Shadow [4] and the denizen of the Shadowlands. The effect was devastating against the oni, causing hellish agony with even the slightest touch. Its radiant aura blinded the oni, and the would shy away from its brightness. [5]

Abilities Edit

Crystal was an uncorruptible substance that was present in all realms. While able to wound oni, crystal did not protect against the Taint in the same way that jade did. These remnants of the Sun still have enough of a kinship with their owner to affect the Lying Darkness. They still possessed a fragment of her True Sight, so light refracting through crystal could see through the Darkness. [1] The Ashalan were able to form Crysteel from sand, an impossibly light and strong material and used it to make weapons. [6]

Elements Edit

Crystal and jade shared they were composed of all five elements in harmony. [7] It glowed in presence of the Shadowlands Taint. [5]


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