The Crippled Paw Tribe was a Nezumi tribe formed in the After Time, when the last remnant of the Stained Paw Tribe merged with the survivors of the Crippled Bone Tribe.

Founding Edit

When in 1169 the Battle of Tomorrow came for the Nezumi, most of the Crippled Bone was in their tribal holdings beyond the Kaiu Wall. After losing most of their warriors to Tomorrow, they came under attack from hordes of goblins, and only the timely arrival of the last remnant of Stained Paw Tribe allowed them to survive. The two remnant groups banded together, under the name of Crippled Paw Tribe. It became the most powerful warrior tribe left among the Nezumi in the After Time. [1]


  1. Enemies of the Empire, p. 102

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