The Creatures of the Shadowlands come in a variety of twisted and evil monsters, animals, and even vegetation that roam the Shadowlands. They carry disease, provoke death, pain, or inflict taint on their preys. Some have no name, some are organised enough or numerous enough to have one.

Known Creatures Types Edit

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Unnamed Creatures Edit

As the Shadowlands was packed with numerous horrors created by the Festering Pit, and it was hardly possible to list and classify all the existing creatures of the Shadowlands. some descriptions ae listed below of different creatures, which were never named or classified.

Shadowlands Serpentine Creature Edit

This creature would normally hide in rotten tree trunks, and dark and humid confines. It looked like a serpentine creature made of black silk, undulating swiftly. When in contact with living flesh, they would leave long strip-like welts of decaying flesh. The wound, if not treated, would leave the member to fester quickly and could even result in the loss of a limb or worse.[1]

Shadowlands water creaturesEdit

In the River of the Last Stand, some strange shapes could be seen wriggling under the surface.[2]

In the Sea of Amaterasu, sailors were been coming back with tales of frighteningly huge creatures swimming right under the water.[2]


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