A Crane

The cranes were often seen as symbol of good fortune and longevity. It was said that a blessing from a crane will bring a samurai one thousand years of life, fortune and plenty. [1]

Attributes of the Cranes Edit

The cranes were attributed by a legend with dedication, loyalty, and beauty. The myth said a man freed a crane from a fisherman's net, and in return the bird changed into a woman. The two were married, and the woman painted pictures of great beauty for him to sell, making them rich. When the man died, the woman wept for three days to his side, and at the end, raised her hands to the sky, becoming a crane once more, never to be seen again. [2]

The tale of the Crane and the Scorpion Edit

Once there was a crane which dared in front of a scorpion to boast its beauty and abilities as flyer or swimmer, while mocked the small creature which had only a tail. The scorpion retorted that a aged crane would be a sad one counting everything it had lost, while the scopion had nothing to lose. And the Crane had nothing more to say, [3] tricked because of its flattery. [4]

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