Crane Civil War 
Crane Civil War
Location: Crane Lands
Date: 1132
Major Forces: Daidoji, Doji
Generals: Daidoji Uji, Doji Kuwanan
Battles of Rokugan

Voice of his Ancestor Edit

In 1132, driven by the voice of his ancestor, Daidoji Uji broke his troops away from the army of the Crane Clan and attempted to reclaim Shiro no Yojin Lion castle in the name of the Crane. [1]

Divide of the Crane Edit

Crane against Crane

Crane against Crane

Uji's actions caused a slow divide between the bushi of the Crane Clan, eventually erupting into outright war. Doji Kuyamu was killed by Uji's hands. [2] With the loyalties of the troops split between their Champion and an honored war hero, the fighting continued. The shame and dishonor caused by the conflict eventually caused the Great Sea Spider to wake from its slumber near the Golden Sun Bay. [3]

End of the War Edit

Kuwanan meet Uji

Kuwanan meets Uji

The courtiers of the Clan, or even bushis as Kakita Aihara, [4] believed the war had to finish and began to lobby. [5] Kakita Kaiten told Uji and Kuwanan it was time to be again an united Clan. [6] Uji returned to Kuwanan at Shiro no Yojin, [7] offering his seppuku for his treason. Both put aside their differences [8] and began an investigation into the events, which revealed that shapeshifters were the cause for the miscommunication between the two leaders. [9] [10] The Great Sea Spider who had feds on Crane's hatred, turned its hunger on the rest of the Empire when the Civil War ended. [11]


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