Hochiu challenges Kurohito

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The Crane-Phoenix Treaty was engineered in 1159 by Doji Akiko. She was not only the wife of the Crane Clan Champion Doji Kurohito, but also the returned spirit of Isawa's daughter.

Accepted through a Duel Edit

Kurohito and Hochiu dueling

Kurohito and Hochiu dueling

In 1159 Doji Akiko used her origins to lobby the Council of Five for a treaty with the Crane Clan. To prove the worth of the Crane, Isawa Hochiu challenged Kurohito to a duel of first blood.[1] [2] Kurohito won, and the Phoenix accepted the treaty.[3] [4]

Aftermath Edit

The Phoenix city of Nikesake was the center of the treaty with the Crane,[5] in the month of the Dog Isawa Akiko was married to the Crane Clan Champion Doji Kurohito, [6] and she was appointed as the new Master of Water. The Crane city of Musume Mura secured a preferred trade status with the Phoenix. [7]

War of Fire and Thunder Edit

When in 1166 the Phoenix and the Mantis began the War of Fire and Thunder, the Crane forces were ordered to not to interfere in order to maintain the Crane's peace with both the Phoenix and Mantis. [8]


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