The Craftsman's District of Clear Water Village was home to skilled craftsmen such as net weavers, basket makters, carpenters, stone workers, smiths, metal workers and woodcarvers.

Commissions Edit

The craftsman district didn't deal with direct sales, a matter rather dealt with in the Merchant District. Instead, one would come here for commissions of unique items or repairs to arms and armor.[1]

Notable Craftsmen Edit

One notable craftsman who lived here was the master weapon smith Hida Bansaro, who was well known within the Crab for his workmanship. His work was granted to the Sunda Mizu Dojo champion every year.[2]

Fire Hazard Edit

Due to the many smithies in the district, the Crab authorities recognized the need for steps to be taken to minimize the risks of fire. Most notably, the buildings were spaced further apart to reduce risk of spreading, as well as buckets of sand or water were hung from every post. Even special Kaiu water wagons were placed strategically throughout the district. Smiths were also required to place special covers over their forges to ensure sparks could not be carried away on the wind.[1]


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