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Crabs were exo-skeletal sea-dwelling crustaceans. They were commonly eaten seafood in Rokugan. This was, of course, a relative term as all seafood could only be enjoyed fresh by those who lived close to the sea. [1]

The tale of the Crab and the Scorpion Edit

The crab was alongside the scorpion and felt himself safe inside its caparace, and boasted it could not be tricked. The scorpion talked about crab armored house as a prison, and tricked it to throw it off. When the crab without its natural protection saw the scorpion sting, it had nothing more to say, [2] tricked because of its anger. [3]

Crab Clan mons Edit

All Crab Clan families, with the exception of the Yasuki family, integrated the image of a crab into their mon. [4]


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