Crab Slang was used by those who fought on the Kaiu Wall against the Shadowlands. The context of the words would not be understood by those with no knowledge of "Wall culture". [1]

Known Expressions Edit

  • Maru, the minimum time it took an oni to kill an armored man, approximately, two seconds.
  • Koma, the Rokugani word for pony, it was used to describe the non-Crab sent to the Kaiu Wall to be taught a lesson.
  • Iye, dozo, osakimi, which meant "No, please, after you," it was a phrase used around annoying koma.
  • Mami! was shout when a shapeshifter was expected among the guards, to take up standard positions.
  • Dairyo!: a multitude of goblins, ogres, and oni, were coming.
  • Kanashiki!: the oni was only hurt by jade.
  • Banjaku!: the oni was only hurt by crystal.
  • Saiganki!: the oni was not hurt by jade or crystal.
  • Suihi!: the oni was insubstantial or could go through walls.
  • Rutsubo!: the oni got stronger the more it ate.
  • Yamijai!: fighting unknown assailants.
  • Tsuta: the place was staffed with shadowlands shapeshifters in disguise. Those who knew the real meaning quietly grabbed their weapons and met together in the entrance to begin the fight.
  • Yasha!: as above, but the minions of Fu Leng were already aware they had been exposed, so the cry was to fight their way out.
  • Zakennayo!: a general-purpose phrase of frustration and anger. [2]


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