Crab Invasion of Scorpion lands
Location: Scorpion lands
Date: Early 7th century
Major Forces: Crab,
Generals: Hida Atsushige,
Bayushi Michisuna,
Shosuro Sanekata
Battles of Rokugan

The Crab Invasion of Scorpion lands was the attempt of the Crab general Hida Atsushige [1] to show his military might to the Emperor Hantei XVII, who appreciated this show of strength. [2]

Preambles Edit

The Scorpion Clan Champion Bayushi Michisuna had suffered the loss of his three sons, and he had still not recovered his spirit. This weakness was instrumental in the decision taken by Atsushige. [2]

Crab Invasion Edit

Starting attack Edit

The Crab army marched out of the Shinomen Mori and across the Plains of Thunder. The Lion Clan was pressing an attack at Beiden Pass at the same time. The Crab assaulted Ryoko Owari Toshi, the second biggest city of the Empire, and the city surrendered after seven days. The survivors led by the city Governor Shosuro Sanekata withdrew to Shiro no Shosuro. [2]

Garrisoning Ryoko Owari Edit

The Crab did not exploit the initial attack. Martial law was established and seized much of the city's treasury and built the Towers of the Eyes, to protect the city from southern attack. The soldiers quickly joined the vice of the city, drinking sake and visiting geisha houses. Many of them became mysteriously ill for extended periods, so Atsushige was in no position to take additional territory. [2]

Defeat at Shiro Yogo Edit

Shiro Yogo was attacked by a mercenary army hired by the Crab, but they were quickly defeated by the Yogo Shugenja, who had been preparing for the assault for months. [2]

Leaving Ryoko Owari Edit

A mutiny broke upon Atsushige's return to the city. The Crab funds had dried out, and they requested a ransom to the Scorpion for its liberation. The Crab had learned how difficult this city was to rule, and his enemy refused to concede any deal. After a week Atsushige returned to his lands in disgrace. [3]

Aftermath Edit

The Liberation Day festival was held on the first day of every Month of the Ox, and celebrated the return of Ryoko Owari to Scorpion control after a year of Crab occupation. [4]


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