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Heritage Tables

After choosing a family for the character the player may choose to roll on the Heritage Tables to see what sort of lineage the character has. The player may roll up to three times on the tables, but each has a cost of 1 Character Point.

Heritage Table 1 Edit

1-2 Dishonorable Past. Roll on Heritage Table 2.
3-5 Undistinguished Past. No Benefits or Penalties.
6-9 Distinguished Past. Roll on Heritage Table 3.
10 Mixed Blessings. Roll on Heritage Table 4.

Heritage Table 2 - Dishonorable Past Edit

1 Corrupted! One of your family fell to the Shadowlands and returned as a monster. Start the game with 0 Glory and lose 1 Honor Rank.
2-3 Ruined! Another Clan betrayed your family's trust and all but destroyed it. Start with no money, no family name. Choose Clan responsible.
4-5 Fool! Your family fell for a subtle Crane or Scorpion ploy. Roll a dice: if even you have a Dark Secret, if odd you have an Obligation. Choose Clan responsible.
6 Weakling! Your ancestors lacked the courage to face the Shadowlands. Start with no Glory, and must earny 20 glory points to reach rank 1.
7-8 Deserter! Your parents forswore their loyalty to their clan. You are a Clan Ronin.
9 Cursed! Your family banished a powerful oni, who inflicted a curse upon you family. Lose 2 points of honor, and lose your family trait benefit.
10 Traitor! Your father took money in exchange for information. He was banished and his name stricken from the Clan histories. You will not be given any land or title, and the clan will not trust you with important information.

Heritage Table 3 - Distinguished Past Edit

1 Venerable Blood. The blood of your original ancestor flows strongly in your veins. Gain 1 Honor and 1 Void. (this roll may only occur once, treat repeat rolls as no effect)
2-5 Battle Veteran. A family member faught at a tremendous battle. Go to Table 3A - Great Battles. *
6-7 A Hero's End. One of your ancestors died a hero's death. Go to Table 3B - Glorious Death. *
8-9 Meritorious Service. Your ancestor performed prestigiously. Go to Table 3C - Notable Awards.
10 Famous Affair. Your family has romantic ties with another clan. Roll a die; if even gain a Minor Ally from that clan and you may attend a school from that clan without buying the advantage. If odd the affair was troublesome and you gain a Minor Ally and a Minor Enemy from the clan. If the roll was six or less the clan was the Unicorn Clan.

* Yasuki characters must re-roll these results. If these results are rolled a second time accept them.

Table 3A - Great Battles Edit

Yasuki character subtract 2 from their rolls on this table.

Crane-Crab War The first war between two great clans was faught over the Kenkai Hanto penisula. Gain 1 point Crane Clan Lore and 1 point Iaijutsu.
A Small Battle While stationed on the southern border your ancestor faught against the Shadowlands. Gain 1 point of Glory and a free Void Point to spend in battles vs Shadowlands.
Battle of the Cresting Wave Your ancestor helped in the defense of Rokugan from the assault of The Maw. Gain 1 Glory Rank and 1 point in the Engineering skill.
Battle of the Thundering Shrine Your ancestor faught against the Scorpion Clan following the Battle of the Cresting Wave. Gain 1 Honor Rank and 1 point in Battle.
Battle of the Kuni Wastes The battle to push the Shadowlands out of the Kuni Wastes. Gain 1 Glory point and 1 rank in Shadowlands Lore.
Battle of Sleeping River The battle against Iuchiban and his bloodspeakers. Gain 1 Honor Point and gain the skill Maho-Tsukai Lore.

Table 3B - Glorious Death Edit

1-3 Killed fighting the Shadowlands. Gain 1 Rank in a weapon of your choice. You are immune to the fear generated by some Shadowlands creatures.
4-5 Killed in a Duel. Gain 1 Rank Iaijutsu and three Character Points.
6 - 9 Killed in Battle. Roll on Table 3A - Great Battles, and once on the list below.
1 Saved the day. Gain Major Ally from any clan or family fighting on your ancestors side in the battle.
2 Killed while charging the enemy. Gain Minor Ally from your clan.
3 Died protecting the general. Gain a Minor Ally from a clan on your side.
4-5 Killed an important foe. Gain 1 Glory Point.
6 Saved a wounded samurai. Go to Table 3D - Gifts.
7-9 Fought well. Roll d10 - Gain 1-10 Glory Points.
10 Carried the clan standard. Gain 7 Glory Points.
10 Seppuku. Ancestor committed suicide to spare the family honor, leaving you with gift. Go to Table 3D - Gifts.

Table 3C - Notable Awards Edit

1-3 Magistrate of a family. Gain 1 Glory Rank.
4-5 Crab Clan Magistrate. Gain 2 Glory Ranks.
6 Emerald Magistrate. Gain 3 Glory Ranks.
7-8 Gunso. Gain 1 Glory Rank and 1 Battle.
9 Chui. Gain 1 Glory Rank and 2 Battle.
10 Taisa. Gain 2 Glory Rank and 2 Battle.

Table 3D - Gifts Edit

1-6 Money. between 1-20 koku.
7-8 Land. Must be tended to at least 3 months out of the year. Gain 1-10 koku per annum.
9 Items of high quality.
10 A minor Nemuranai.

Heritage Table 4 - Mixed Blessing Edit

1-3 Your ancestor was an Imperial Magistrate who revealed another family's dishonor. Gain Major Enemy, 1 Honor Rank, and 1 Rank in Investigation.
4 Your family had regular dealings with a Nezumi tribe. Gain a Ratling Ally.
5 Your ancestor was associated with a notorious Yasuki smuggler. Gain +1 to any Trait at Rank 2, and 1 Rank in Commerce. You also have a Social Disadvantage and Bad Reputation for all non-Crab Rokugani.
6-7 Your ancestor slew another clan's hero in a duel. Gain Major Enemy, +1 Glory Rank, and (Enemy Clan) Lore, Rank 1.
8-9 Your family has struggled financially. You have no koku and all your items save one are average quality. Gain four Bugei, Craft or Low skills at Rank 1.
10 You have inherited a magical item. It is said to have been taken from an oni by a distant relative. You are unsure wether it really is magic, and even if it is you are not sure if it is cursed or tainted.

Major References Edit

  • Way of the Crab pages 55-56

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