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Fortune Tables

A Crab Character may choose to roll on this table at a cost of 3 Character Points. First roll a dice, if even roll on the Good Fortune Table, if odd roll on the Bad Fortune Table. (Crab p. 57)

Good Fortune Table Edit

1 Shugenja have an extra spell. Others have an item of excellent quality.
2 A Natural Combatant. Gain 2 ranks to any Bugei Skill.
3 You have an heirloom item several hundred years old. (tea set, painting, helmet, etc)
4 You have five healing potions each curing one dice of wounds when drunk.
5 You have an item of magical curiosity. (a go set that can play against you, a wakizashi that draws itself on command, a komono that never stains or gets wet, etc.)
6 You have noble blood. Gain 3 points of honor.
7 You are a prodigy. Gain +10 insight.
8 Windfall: Roll a dice and divide by two (retaining fractions). Gain that many koku.
9 You have a ceremonial suit of armor. Roll 2 dice to determine it's value in koku (re-roll tens).
10 You have a friend in another clan. (worth less than Minor Ally, but more than nothing.)

Bad Fortune Table Edit

1-2 You lack two items from your starting outfit. (GM's choice)
3 You grew up secluded in crab lands, and therefore completely unfamiliar with the cultural subtleties of Rokugan. You may not start with Sincerity or Etiquette as skills. Your honor can never be higher than 2.
4 You have an heirloom item which is incomplete. You think you know who has the rest. (example: a shogi set with a few missing pieces.)
5 You broke your family katana. Lose 1 rank of honor, and make do with a 2k2 katana.
6 Overconfident. Lose 1 Rank in your highest skill. (choose randomly if tied)
7 Disruptive student. -10 insight.
8 gambling losses. lost 1-10 koku.
9 gambling debt. Lose all but 1 koku. the next 1-10 koku the character would recieve are paid to the creditor.
10 No bad fortune. Not yet anyway. GM will not forget...

Major References Edit

  • Way of the Crab page 57

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