The Crab Defenders were an oddity in the Crab Clan, but a necessary one. They were trained in the art of Iaijutsu, and were used exclusively to represent the Crab against other clans, so that they did not appear weak. They were trained at the Unbreakable Blade Dojo, which was situated between Yasuki Hanko and the Watchtower of the West. From this place, just south of the Crane Clan's lands, they could have a constant reminder of just how they will be called upon to serve the Crab. [1] Almost all Hida Defenders were trained by veteran warriors, so that they would have a full understanding of real combat, and the true purpose of the Crab. [2]


The sensei of the Unbreakable Blade Dojo trained the Defenders on how to use their connection to the element of Earth in their bodies, and apply it to dueling. This focused on the strength of the warrior, and centered on their willpower. To draw interest, they also trained tetsubo-suru, the art of the Tetsubo Duelist. More of a recent worry was the development of Daigotsu's own dueling academy, and the threat of having the face the Lost trained in Iaijutsu, and how to manipulate others into dueling at a disadvantage. The sensei of Unbreakable Blade saw this as a further justification for their existence, and hoped to gain an increased number of students to combat this new threat. [3] The sensei emphasized endurance rather than speed, teachings its students to endure their opponents' first blow in order to survive to deliver their own. [4]

Known Techniques Edit


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