Crab Clan spells tend to be fairly easy to learn, and the Crab rarely keep them secret. One reason for this is their duty to stop the Shadowlands, and the more shugenja who wish to learn how to stop a minion of Fu Leng the better. It is also in part beause of the wide spread Kuni library, which means almost any Kuni found would be able to teach the spell. [1]

Earth Spells Edit

  • The Armor spell fortifies the earth in the target of the spell, making them more resilient. [1]
  • The Binding spell comes in two versions, major and minor binding. The minor binding is capable of immobilizing any creature with the Shadowlands Taint, but nothing the size of oni or with the power of maho-tsukai. The spell is very complex and requires much preparation, including learning the true name of the creature the shugenja wished to bind as well as writing that name on enchanted manacles and placing the manacles on the creature. The major binding is more powerful, and its application is almost identical to the minor binding. Major binding is however capable of binding oni or maho-tsukai. [1]
  • The Crystal's Awakening spell transforms crystal into Kuni Crystal. [2]
  • The Shadowbinding spell makes a shadow solid. It was used to take control of the mischievous mujina. [3]
  • The Stench of Taint spell simulates the Shadowlands Taint. [4]
  • The Wall of Earth spell summons forth a wall of earth which can be used to shield the shugenja from harm. [1]

Fire Spells Edit

  • The Last Rites spell can cleanse a body of the Shadowlands Taint, however the downside is that the spell also kills the target. The spell is only performed on dying samurai. If the spell fails to remove the taint it will still kill the target, who becomes a restless spirit haunting the living. The spell does not affect an unwilling target. [5]

Air Spells Edit

  • The Fear spell was originally taught to a Kuni by a Daidoji shugenja in the 9th century. The Kuni rarely use the spell, although the ones who are good at it become valuable assets to the Hida on the wall. The spell causes air spirits to begin screaming in a language chosen by the shugenja. The effect can be quite disheartening to anyone who knows the language the spirits are screaming in. [6]


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