The Crab Clan Champion is the leader of the Crab Clan. He must be the foremost example of the duty of all Crab to defend the Empire against the Shadowlands. His courage inspires all other Crab warriors to stand fast against evil. The Crab Clan Champion has always been the daimyo of the Hida family.

Crab Clan Champion Edit

The following are the known Champions of the Crab Clan:

Hida (c. 5) - 63
Hida Osano-Wo 63 - 97
Hida Kenzan 97 - ?
Hida Tekien  ? - 137
Hida Kugen 137 - ? (Acting Champion)
Hida Akemi  ? - (c. 168), 5th Crab Champion
Hida Ichido  ? - 400
Hida Tsakura 400 - ?
Hida Tadaka  ? - 412
Hida Tenburo  ? - 509
Hida Oshu (c. 526)
Hida Yamate (c. 534)
Hida Tadaka (II)  ? - 595
Hida Tsuneo 595 - 610
Hida Higo  ? - 652
Hida Tsuneko 652 - ?
Hida Banuken (c. 716)
Hida Chomen (c.900) [citation needed]
Hida Namika (c. 976)
Hida Nakiro 11th century
Hida Atsumichi 11th century
Hida Kisada  ? - 1128
Hida Yakamo 1128 - 1132
Hida O-Ushi 1132 - 1159
Hida Kuroda 1159 - 1159
Hida Kuon 1159 - 1171
Hida Reiha 1171 - ?
Hida Kisada II  ? - Present

Unknown Dates Edit

Hida Junuro  ? - ?
Hida Shonojo  ? - ?
Hida Zempai  ? - ?

Non Crab "Champions" Edit

One time in recorded history, the Crab Clan Champion was not a Crab. Following a battle between the crab and scorpion where both champions died, the Emperor at the time was so furious that he did not accept the rule of the next Champion. Instead he temporarily appointed two Seppun sozokunin, or Acting Champions, to rule until the next Winter Court to ensure the differences were resolved without more bloodshed.[1]


  1. Winter Court: Kyuden Seppun, p. 48

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