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Dead Eyes Berserker

Dead Eyes Berserker

Crab Berserker fought with no limits and continued to ferociously attack until either he or his enemy was bloodied and dead on the ground. [1] "Dead Eyes" berserkers were employed more in the Crab armies than any other clan in Rokugan. These warriors were said to be entirely without emotion, rendered nothing more than engines of death. [2] When the berserkers were off-duty they were garrisoned in the Fortress of the Forgotten. [3]

Following Amoro's Example Edit

Before the Clan War Crab Berserkers entered a death-like trance before every battle, they feared nothing, they never retreated, so their opponents learned to fear their glassy stares. Following the example of the sociopathic Hida Amoro, a new class of berserkers succumb to a frenzied madness driven by white-hot rage and a desire to wreak as much havoc as possible. [4]

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