For each Dark Oracle, there was a Covenant, a powerful tainted nemuranai that protected its bearer from the Oracle's power. Who held the covenant might demand one favor from the Oracle, a favor the Oracle must fulfill. However, to demand this favor was to abandon the Covenant's protection. They radiated the Shadowlands Taint, and slowly corrupted the area in their immediate vicinity while left immobile. [1] Those who dared made demands of the Dark Oracles seldom survived. [2]

Location Edit

They often had a will of their own, appearing and disappearing at a whim, bringing corruption wherever they were found, twisting the natural order. Whenever they were found, they were cast back into the Shadowlands, but they inevitably turned up somewhere in the Empire again. They were drawn to sites where the Oracles had been active. [3]

Finding a Covenant Edit

The Covenant existed outside the elements, and it was a way to find them. Several shugenja who were strong with an element could enact a ritual, summoning a kami of their preferred element and binding it to another individual. The binded one could move and detect the "hole" the Covenant provoked in the surroundings. It only worked if the location of the Covenant was approximately known. The more distance the wanderer took, more difficult to mantain the ritual. [4]

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