The Council of the Eye was formed by the oldest nezumi Rememberers. There were always at least five Nezumi on the council, and occasionally as many as ten. They were not replaced when they died, but rather, accepted a new member when he had proven to be superior in wisdom, number of stories, and knowledge of the world. The Council governed the Squeaky Eyeball Tribe, which was heavily devoted to the Rememberers. [1]

Membership Edit

A member of the Council had the muzzle of his face bleached white and covered in red symbols, as was his tattooed tail when he became a Rememberer. He wore a necklace of special plates that represented each of the ten greatest Nezumi heroes, as a mark of his station. The Council had a permanent place of meeting, the Chamber of the Council of the Eye in the Valley of Histories, within Squeaky Eyeball territory. [1]

Known Members of the Council Edit

Ropp'tch'tch (c. 1126)
Zin'tch (c. 1165)


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