Council of Twelve

Council of Twelve

The Council of Twelve was formed by the twelve immortal Ashalan souls created by the first Jinn spawned by Kaleel, the Moon, and Shilah, the Sun.

Founding Edit

The Council was founded in the Second Age, during the First Jinn War. [1] The jinn had seized the Celestial Heavens and enslaved their children, the Ashalan and the humanity. [2] Twelve Ashalan refused to submit to the will of the Jinn. They conspired in secret, working with the most skilled humans to devise a way to fight back, developing the sandsmithing, forging crysteel weapons, and developing the Hakhim's Seal. [1]

Souls Edit

The souls of these Ashalan could pass from one individual to another, and they retained all the knowledge they gathered in each of their hosts. The Ceremony of Souls was the ritual that passed a soul from one to another. [3]

Naga Curse Edit

The Ashalan felt threatened by the Naga race. Their numbers and their abilities to reshape themselves to suit any environment was seen as an unnaceptable menace by one of its members, Katani. She managed to convince the Council, and they levied a curse upon them which crippled all who were shaped by this power. The Naar Teban were rendered mindless beasts, as were the creatures who ventured too far into the Ivory Kingdoms. The Naga who ventured into the sea forgot themselves and became the ningyo. Only those Naga who remained within the borders of the territory which would be known as the Emerald Empire were spared, but even then the curse of mutation visited them. The Naga menace was contained. [4]

Ashalan Leaders Edit

Those "ensouled" members led the others and, until recent events leading up to and including the Awakening, most of the Council of Twelve had survived. The decisions of the Council were typically followed by all Ashalan, and it was through this peaceful governance that they were able to quietly guide many of the factions that could be found in the Burning Sands, carefully shaping the destiny of those who lived above the City of the Seventh Star. [5] were they made their meetings. [6]

Circle of Three Edit

After the death of several of this ensouled, the Council thinned, only three remained: [7] [8] [9] the leader Anbari Khalil, her daughter Tarya, and the Ebonite Balance, the so-called Circle of Three. Other members as Lammassar, Maymun, Hojyn, or Mendi-Duad did not have soul. [10]

Schism Edit

As the Council had dwindled, some members of the Ashalan race had grown callous and uncaring, even arrogant. They believed that if they had to pay the ultimate cost, other races must be prepared to do the same, and the weak among them must be removed. [5]

Ebonites Edit

Convening the Twelve

Convening the Twelve

The Ebonites also were allowed to became part of the Council. [11] To do so they had to be ensouled by an original Ashalan. [8]

Known Members Edit


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