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Copper Mine

a Copper Mine

Copper Mines were most commonly found in Lion Clan lands, and highly valued because of the lack of other abundant metals in their lands. [1] Vast deposits were found in the Lookout Mountain after the outcrop suddenly appeared in a previously plain area. [2]

Tainted Mines Edit

Corrupted Copper Mine

A Corrupted Copper Mine

The copper mines located in tainted areas were called Corrupted Copper Mines. [3]

Zokujin workers Edit

For a time they used Zokujin to excavate the mines, [4] until they fled into the Spine of the World Mountains. Since then the duty of mining copper fell to the heimin of the Lion Clan. [5]

Senpet Mines Edit

Senpet Copper Mine

A Senpet Copper Mine worked by slaves

The Senpet Empire also used forced work in their copper mines, as they practiced slavery. [6]


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