RPG Information Edit

Consumed (Disadvantage, Varies, 1 additional point for Spider) [Mental]

Characters with the Consumed disadvantage has walked the path of Shourido, and it has consumed them utterly, only existing to enact one of its tenets. [1]

  • Control (4 Points): Characters are determined to control and dominate others, and can never admit that they are wrong.
  • Determination (6 Points): Characters believe they can do anything on their own, without the need for any help.
  • Insight (4 Points): Characters seek profound insight in even the most trivial things, to the exclusion of normal activity.
  • Knowledge (4 Points): Characters are obsessed with gaining more knowledge and understanding of all things.
  • Perfection (5 Points): Characters must do everything perfectly, even when there is no need to do so in order to succeed.
  • Strength (5 Points): Raw physical power is the only way to defeat their foes, because finesse and negotiation are for fools.
  • Will (4 Points): Characters must get their way, and others must give way to their wishes, having no respect for the opinions or desires of others.

Characters Known to Have this Disadvantage Edit


  1. Legend of the Five Rings; Fourth Edition, p. 157

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