Please note: This article is about the type of snake. For the Naga bloodline, please see Constrictor Bloodline.

Constrictors were the largest snakes native to Rokugan, and lived in the dense foliage of jungles and forests. The constricors were rare, and were usually found at the edges of the Shadowlands, deep in Shinomen Mori or in the darkest jungles of the Islands of Spice and Silk. They had coils strong enough to crush a man's arm, and some even carried venom that paralyzed their enemy. The largest constrictors were capable of unhinging their jaw to swallow their pray, up to the size of adult dogs or small childern. A constrictor would only attack if threatened or if they believed they could get an easy meal. They blended in easily with their surroundings, and had been known to drop from trees to wrap around a victims throat. [1]

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