The Commerce Quarter of Broken Wave City was created when the previous hub of commercial activities (the Old Quarter) became the main harbour base for the Third Storm. Expansion of the harbour went rather smoothly thanks to Yoritomo Al-Zayan. The harbourmaster had forseen the need for larger docks in the Old Quarter, and advocated more docks in the Bay of Thunder.[1]

Activity Edit

The Commerce Quarter was considered the beating heart of the city, with most basics goods coming into the docks in this Quarter. The area is a hive of organized chaos; bringing ships in, unloading and turning around, as well as crews taking time to use the shops, sake houses and other establishments. While most ships in and out were Mantis, an increasing amount of Phoenix, Crane and Crab ships vied for berths to unload their cargo and leave with a profit.[1]

Notable Locations Edit

Temple to Daikoku Edit

The Temple to Daikoku, the fortune of wealth, was not situated in the Holy Quarter like the majority of temples and shrines in the city. Instead it was located in the Commerce Quarter, where it was said that any transaction conducted within view of the temple would bring profit to all participants of the deal. That didn't mean that others would conduct their deals well away from the temple, it's fortune's inquisitive eyes (or those of magistrates and tax collectors).[2]

Belly of the Orochi Edit

The Belly of the Orochi was one of the most popular Sake Houses in Broken Wave City, offering a decent selection of drink and food for reasonable prices. It was also known for its bunraku puppet theatre.[1]

Harbourmasters Office Edit

Despite the harbourmasters official office being located in the Fishers Quarter, the harbourmaster kept his actual office in the Commerce Quarter for practical reasons, as this allowed him to deal with the myriad of issues that arise from the quantity of ships in and out of the ports.[3]


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