The following are some more colorful phrases in the Rokugani language. These phrases are rarely heard in polite company, but can be fairly common in less civilized settings, such as during battles, among ronin, or with many members of the Crab Clan.

Curses/Expressions Edit

  • Cho-yabe - Damn, we blew it.
  • Kuchi ni Chakku - Shut Up!
  • Okesho wa doshitano geisha-san?! - Where's your make-up, you geisha?!
  • Rakki yaro - Lucky bastard.
  • Zakennayo - Expession of anger and frustration. Used a lot.
  • Blood of Kharsis - Expression of anger, fear or frustration. Merenaen in origin. [1]

Insults Edit

  • Chikusho - Uncultured beast.
  • Dani - Tick, leech.
  • Dekai guzo - Idiot.
  • Kono yaro - You insignificant worm.
  • Kusatta Ningen - Rotten people.
  • Ojamamushi - Bothersome insect.
  • Ojo-sama - Ineffective member of another clan (especially a courtier). Literally, "Spoiled rich girl".
  • Urenkori - Ugly old maid.
  • Zurui chibi - Sneaky dwarf.

Threats Edit

  • Fu-tsugo ga arimashitaka - Do you have a problem?
  • Hame wo hazusu - Make merry or suffer the consequences!
  • Itame-ni - Want to feel some real pain?
  • Kenka uten noka - Are you looking for a fight?
  • Ome wa dare da - Who do you think you are?
  • Uchi no kaisha - Stay away from my family!


  • Way of the Crab Pages p. 22, 24, 25.

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