The College of Clarity was a courtier school of the Mantis Clan, that focused on allowing one's ascendant Fire-aligned chi to grant a pure and unadulterated view of the world. This philosophy was lent to the study of iaijutsu. [1]

Founding Edit

After the incorporation of the Centipede Clan into the Mantis Clan in the early 12th century, Moshi scholars rediscovered the writings of Moshi Takumi, a fire shugenja of the 9th century who had devised a technique of drawing on one's Fire to promote clear and focused thinking. The Seekers of Clarity was a loosely-organized group of devotees to Takumi's methods, who used his approach to further pursuits as diverse as navigation, ship design, poetry, and music. Eventually the College of Clarity was established within a Moshi dojo to further develop and teach their methods. [2]

Known Technique Edit


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