Code of Bushido
Written By: Unknown
Edited By: Unknown
Released: May 2000 ([1])
Link: [2]
Story Year: Tenth century
Kakita Rensei

Kakita Rensei

Code of Bushido

Kakita Rensei was a famous bushi of the Daidoji school, forsaking his heritage and family to follow the way of the Daidoji rather than attend the Academy of the Kakita. Rensei lived a simple life and followed his heart in all matters, living on faith and instinct rather than training and discipline. Despite his simple way of living, Rensei had an uncanny knowledge of his opponents weaknesses and constantly defeated any opposition in duels. Although he was approached more than once to be the Master of Kakita Academy, he repeatedly refused, saying that he did not want to live his life in a cage, no matter how beautiful the view.

Rensei lived his days traveling from village to village, learning the ways of the other clans of Rokugan and defeating the best they could offer. At the battle of the Day of the Falling Stars, he offered his services to Daidoji Yuzan as a shireikan - commander - of the Crane forces. On the field, none could match his brutal style of iaijutsu, slicing through armor and bone as if they were water beneath his blade. It is said that, in one battle, his sword cut through a man on horseback... and continued, to cleave the horse in two with the same stroke. His strength and resilience were legendary, and his desire for freedom has become the topic of many sagaic poems and plays.

His death is a source of mystery to historians. The last account of Kakita Rensei hails from shortly after the fall of Shiro no Yogin, when Rensei declared his intention to travel alone to the palace of the Matsu and challenge the Lion Champion to a duel. Whether he reached the castle or not remains a mystery; his body was never found, and the Champion of the Lion vanished three months after Rensei left on his quest. Neither death is recorded to the content of modern historians, and much debate still occurs about whether that fated duel ever occurred.

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