The Cloud Sect was one of the ten Kolat sects.

Duty Edit

Its purpose was to preserve Kolat knowledge, accumulated during the centuries of the conspiracy's existence. [1]

Most Kolat shugenja belonged to this particular sect. While a big part of the members of the sect took care of the archives of the conspiracy at the Hidden Temple, a number of them lived outside of the Hidden Temple, and continued to sharpen their mind. Master Cloud communicated with his agents mainly through spells, and most members of the sect had never even seen him. [1]

The sect was expected to advise and collaborate with agents of other sects. This made them quite dangerous, and they were closely watched by the Tiger Sect. [1]

Debate Edit

After the crippling attacks of the Lying Darkness and Shinjo's purge the kolat were disorganized, and many critical agents were isolated. The organization sought a new focus, torn between their desire to remake the Celestial Order and the more pragmatic desire to ensure the organizations existence. The Tiger, Cloud, Lotus, and Dream Masters were traditional Kolat, with Master Cloud the most vocal member of the group. The Steel, Coin, Silk, and Chrysanthemum Masters all adhered to the modern philosophy. Neither Master Jade nor Master Roc seemed interested in this ongoing debate. [2] The latter philosophy was championed by Morito and it seemed to be winning out. [3]

Fall of the Hidden Temple Edit

The fall of the Hidden Temple all but destroyed the Cloud Sect, an especially heavy blow to the Kolat organization. [4]

Known Cloud Masters Edit

The most recently known Master Cloud was Isawa Korekado, the master with the most longevity among the Kolat: he was the only one to have been Master even before the Clan War. He had revealed his identity to all members of The Ten. [1] However, he was killed by Bayushi Muhito in 1170. His replacement, if any, was unknown. [5]


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