The Cliff of Weakness was where the retired Mantis bushi Iroshu established Dojo Raiden, and threw the previous sensei's body over the edge, declaring that anyone who failed their training would suffer the same fate. [1] It was also known as Iroshu's Cliff, and at the bottom of which were the dojo's shipyards. [2]

Haunted Edit

In 1159 the place was haunted by the spirit of a girl who threw herself from the cliff, after finding out that her betrothed had died at sea. Her body was washed away before it could be discovered and no one remained to mourn her. Under her influence the cliff became exceedingly difficult to climb, and some of the students at Dojo Raiden had been injured because rocks seemingly coming loose spontaneously. A group of samurai appeased the sad spirit. [2]


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