Clear Water Trading House was one of the most prominent warehouses in Sunda Mizu Mura, dealing in bulk and individual sales. It was very popular with the peasantry, and the Yasuki used it to get rid of lower quality goods. Positioned right on the river that leads to Earthquake Fish Bay, ships could easily reach the house from the coast. The Yasuki would encourage a lenient attitude towards the place from the local magistrates. [1]

Black Lotus Holding Edit

The Trading House was established by a ronin who died as a wealthy man, but without heirs. The Black Lotus Cartel purchased it in 1165 to infiltrate their operations within the village. Smuggling was the true focus of the Trading House operation, as gunpowder or even kidnapping innocent bystanders to use as fodder for experiments of Kuni Shugenja without strong ethical compunctions. [2]


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