Clan War The Clans

Clan War: The Clans, cover

Clan War: The Clans was the second sourcebook for the Clan War Miniatures Game for Legend of the Five Rings.

Credits Edit

  • Lead Designer: Ken Carpenter
  • Design Team: Marcelo Figueroa, Jim Pinto, Steve Hough, Erik Yaple
  • Additional Contributions: Dave Williams, D.J. Trindle, Ree Soesbee, Rob Vaux, John Wick, John Zinser, Ray Lau, Frank Chafe
  • Cover Artwork: Carl Frank
  • Interior Artwork: J. Callahan, Chris Dornaus, Carl Frank, William O'Connor, Ben Peck, Mike Raabe, Brian Snoody,
  • Artwork Prepress: Steve Hough, Sean Thompson
  • Interior Layout: Steven Hough
  • Editing: D.J. Trindle, Patrick Kapera, Rob Vaux
  • Playtesters: Mathew Manders, Micheal Manders, Matt Wagner, Rob Love, Bill Green, Chris Dempsey, Todd Carlson, Cathy Buksar, Mike Carlson, Tom Hocker, Steve Kozlowski, Dan Schepfel, Mike Derouchie, Jeff Furochia, Will Eames, Greg Moore, Jeff Alexander, Everett Betts, Terry Dix, Curtis Endicott, Jason Roberts, Bryan Self, Justice Sommer, Shane Anderson, Mark Greenwald, Paul Johnson, Shane Lindstrom, Randy Martin, Brian Olea, Greg Osburn, Steve Wagner, Frank Martin, Mathew Ranzow, Mike Varga, Shawn Megaw, Brian Pugnier, 'J', Les Douglas
  • Clan War Miniatures Sculptors: Bob Charrette, Chris Fitzpatrick, Sandra Garrity, Jeff Grace, Bobby Jackson, Jim Johnson, Tom Meier, Dennis Mize, Bob Murch, Bob Olley, Tim Prow, Bob Ridolfi, Steve Saunders, Dave Summers

Table of Contents (page 3) Edit

Section One: History and Background Edit

Heavy Infantry 2

Heavy Infantry

Chapter 1: A Brief History of Rokugan (page 4) Edit

  • In the Beginning...
  • The New Way

Chapter 2: Distant Thunder (page 6) Edit

Chapter 3: Building an Army (page 7) Edit

  • Army Size
  • Game Duration
  • Army Type
  • Personalities
    • Leader Packages
  • Units
  • Army Construction Summary
  • Tactical Cards

Section Two: The Armies of Rokugan Edit

The Crab (page 11) Edit

The Crane (page 19) Edit

The Dragon (page 26) Edit

The Lion (page 33) Edit

The Phoenix (page 40) Edit

The Unicorn (page 47) Edit

The Unaligned (page 55) Edit

Moto Tsume 9

Moto Tsume

Ogre 5