Clan Letter to the Unicorn Clan (IH2.4)
Written By: Unknown
Edited By: Unknown
Released: Imperial Herald v2 #4
Link: [1]
Story Year: 1123
Shinjo Yokatsu

Shinjo Yokatsu

Rise, my friends, and join me! The time for war has come!

For too long, the rest of Rokugan has underestimated our strength and willingness to fight for this Empire. Fore nearly two hundred years, we have been reviled as foreigners, as a blight to this fair land, and too often we have been forgotten by those who should fear us the most. Now, it is our time to strike a blow for the Empire of our ancestors, to rush against the Usurper in the palace and demand out right to stand against his evil.

Our steeds are read - the battle-maidens will lead the way, and the souls of the people of the wind will again be freed from the chafing restraint of peace. The Scorpion have taken the Imperial Palace, sealed themselves within its high walls, and demanded our fealty to the new "Emperor" they have created.


Ride to the walls of the palace and stand beside me. Our swiftness will be their undoing, and we will arrive to face them before the last Scorpion can scurry behind those palatial walls. We have three days to reach the palace - three days or all it lost. Let the wind be at your back, your sword ready in your hand, for each heartbeat is a moment that must not be wasted.

The time has come for use to show our allegiance to the line of Hantei

For the Emperor, and for the Empire!

Shinjo Yokatsu

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