Clan Letter to the Scorpion Clan (IH2.4)
Written By: Unknown
Edited By: Unknown
Released: Imperial Herald v2 #4
Link: [1]
Story Year: 1123
Bayushi Shoju

Bayushi Shoju

It is time.

The prophesy we have found has lead us to this most dangerous of paths - and we must have the courage to walk it. We stand now behind the great walls of Otosan Uchi, their huge mass shielding us from the condemnation of the other clans. They do not yet understand the fate from which we have saved them - they do not comprehend the nature of the darkness as we do.

Gather your forces - find your strength. The palace must be held at all costs - at any price. Who will care what we have fought for when the battle is over. The knowledge which will remain when we have gone is this: The last Hantei died at the hands of the only clan loyal enough to do what must be done. We must defeat the Emperor to save the Empire.

Outside the walls, I hear the petty squabbling of the other Champions. Satsume challenges me to war. Ujimitsu declares that I can be reasoned with - that the madness which has led us to this pass is a fleeting dark veil over my eyes. Only Togashi Yokuni - the Dragon - sits by the side of the others, staring at me on my walls. Watching. He alone can see the truth of my decision. He must understand. For nearly a thousand years we have known his secret, we have seen behind his iron mask. Yet he does nothing. But it does not matter what any of them think. When the Crab arrive, I will know my destiny - to stand or to fall at the hands of those I have saved. With the death of the Emperor's son, the cycle of the Dark One will be defeated. That alone will bear my soul to the halls of my ancestors - no matter what dishonors the fools in Rokugan heap upon my name. I will live forever.

Bring your forces before my high walls and we will strike down the weak who squall at what we have done. Our reign shall be the beginning of a new era - the dawn of a greater world.

Let no man stand in our way.


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