Clan Letter to the Phoenix Clan (IH2.4)
Written By: Unknown
Edited By: Unknown
Released: Imperial Herald v2 #4
Link: [1]
Story Year: Unknown
Isawa Kaede

Isawa Kaede


I send this letter in haste, that you may be warned of the horrors which have torn down the house of the Emperor! My father's efforts to calm the invading Scorpion were for nothing, and they came in the dead of the night to steal away the Emerald Throne.

The other Elemental Masters must decide what shall be done, but they may be too late. Behind me the clans of Rokugan gather in force upon the Emperor's fields. Although small, our troops at the palace attempted to hold off the tide of Scorpion that came to the palace. In the dark night, at Shoju's bidding, they were decimated. Only I survive to bring you this news.

The palace is captured, the Emperor's body is in flames and the Scorpion Usurper has placed himself upon the Emerald Throne. Our one hope is the child I bring with me, the child whose life holds the balance of our future in his chubby hand. When he was given to my care, my father met with the Scorpion daimyo. I crept away with the child under cover of darkness, fleeing to the north. I do not know if my father still lives, but his soul urges me onward -- home with my precious burden.

The line of Hantei must be protected from the evil which desires the throne, and it is our duty to defend this child with our lives. If need be, with our very souls. Watch for me.


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