Clan Letter to the Naga (IH2.4)
Written By: Unknown
Edited By: Unknown
Released: Imperial Herald v2 #4
Link: [1]
Story Year: Unknown


My people -

I do not know if you are alive, or if I am alone in this cold, new world to which I have awakened. I have always been your scout, searching the land ahead for the smoothest path - but now I don't know which is the way. Which road are we to take? Why have I alone been roused from our slumber?

I awoke to find the world I once knew had vanished - and in its place is a dark and alien realm, of strange beings who speak a foreign tongue. I've watched their society, and with my shape changing abilities, I have begun to learn their ways and their speech. When you wake, I will teach you the knowledge that I have gleaned, so that you can join me in studying these strange half-Naga creatures that have build cities across the plains of our world. How strange they are!

Yet...I wish I were still asleep in the forest of our kind. I lie awake at night, wondering if any more have awakened from our thousand year silence. The grand palaces in which we slumbered have turned to mossy ruins, their high walls crumbling with disuse, and the brightly lit passages I remember have become fouled and buried with time. When I left the forest, I had hoped to be reunited with other Naga - anyone - but the lands are filled with beasts and creatures I can not comprehend. Perhaps it is my fate that I again have been chosen to scout the road we must take into this dark future - I do not know. All I know is that I cannot sleep again - the dreams and the solitude haunt me each moment. I was never meant to walk these lonely paths.

I pray that someone recives this - that someone can respond! Wake, my people - I feel the darkness of the Dark Lands returning, and I feel the stirrings of our ancient enemy. I cannot bear to be alone much longer.


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