Clan Letter to Toturi's Army (IH2.4)
Written By: Unknown
Edited By: Unknown
Released: Imperial Herald v2 #4
Link: [1]
Story Year: 1123


Greetings, old friend!

Tokei, how long has it been since last I heard from you? I was pleased to see your letter - pleased to hear that your apprenticeship goes well. I, too, have heard about struggle on the fields of the war, and the coup that has plagued the line of Hantei. Let the Greater Clans struggle, it is not our affair. No matter which house controls the Empire, we will sufer under the badge of Ronin, as we always have.

I have remained in the lands of the Mantis, teaching their warriors with the bow and the sword, and instructing their soldiers in the nature of tactics. They do not have much, for they are a minor clan, but their leader - a man known as Yoritomo - says that the Greater Clans will one day fall, and we will all take our places among the leadership of Rokugan. An idle dream, perhaps, but one which has captured the hearts of many, and his men fight with the courage to equal even a Lion.

The pay is fair, in koku and horses, and the Crane have great need of wavemen to supply them in their battle against the Lion, so I am content. Perhaps when their money runs slim, I will travel to the lands of the Emperor - whatever the outcome. I have a feeling that more war will be coming as a result of this coup. . . and more war means more money for a mercenary. Perhaps we will meet there and fight side by side.


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