City of White Clouds

City of White Clouds

The City of White Clouds represented the power of the Air.

The Five Cities Edit

In 1133 at the Battle of Oblivion's Gate, five cities stood at the edge of Yomi, Realm of the Blessed Ancestors. Each city was infused with the power of the elements, Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Void. In these cities, the blessed shiryo and faceless Goju clashed to determine the fate of the Celestial Order. Outnumbered by their shadowy enemies, the ancestors faced a battle they could not win. In the Mortal Realm, the Elemental Council heard their plea and enacted a ritual like none other in history, a ritual that would draw these five cities to the mortal realm where reinforcements could arrive to fight the spawns of Nothing back. [1]

Crossing Yomi Edit

It appeared in the Dragon lands. It was briefly investigated by Tattooed Monks from that clan. However, the Shadow Dragon was drawn to the City, sensing its association with his old Element of Air, and moved it out of its location and possibly out of Ningen-do entirely. Its location and fate were unknown. [2]

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