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Toshi is the Rokugani word for Cities. They were the seat of power, where leaders congregated and made decisions, raised armies, and trade agreements were reached. Cities were the life of the Empire. [1]

Rokugani Cities Edit

City of Broken Waves "Broken Wave City"
City of Empty Dreams
City of Living Flame
City of Loyalty
City of Tears
City of the Lost
City of Vines
City of White Clouds
Closed Pincer City
Duzaki Toshi
Favored Star Village
The Forgotten City
Gisei Toshi "City of Sacrifice", "Isawa's City"
Hannei Yoake Toshi "City of the Prosperous Dawn"
Hitsu Taekeru
Ikeda Toshi
Jadoku Toshi
Kaeru Toshi "Brittle Flower City", "Captured City"
Kanashimi Toshi "Heaven's Grave"
Karandetsu Market
Kiken na Roka Toshi "Treacherous Pass City"
Koutetsukan "Iron Turtle City"
Mamoru Kyotei Toshi "Honored Treaty City"
Michita Yasumi "Hopeful Rest City"
Morikage Toshi "Forest Shadow City"
Murame Toshi
Nagashi Naga Toshi "Sunken Naga City"
Niwa Shita no Kage Toshi "Garden Under Shadow City"
Mura Sabishii Toshi "Lonely Shore City"
Nikesake "City of Treaties"
Ninkatoshi "Permission City"
Nobuto Toshi New "Niobuto Ancestral Home"
Ookami Toshi "Wolf City"
Oshindoka Toshi
Otosan Uchi "Buzama ni Hirugaru Kyojin", "Father's Home"
Painted City
Rugashi Toshi
Ryoko Owari Toshi "Journey's End City", ""City of Lies", "City of Stories", "City of Green Walls", "City That Dung Built", "Reeking Scorpion Cesspool", "Rotting Scorpion Cesspool"
Ryu Bannin Toshi "Dragon's Guard City"
Samui Kaze Toshi "Cold Wind City"
Shiranai Toshi "Darkness City"
Shiro Matsu Toshi
Shizuka Toshi
Suigeki Toshi "Water Hammer City", "Kanashiki no Yama Toshi", "City of the Mountain's Anvil"
Taimana Choryu "Slow Tide"
Taiyo One Toshi "Sun's Ridge City"
Toshi Aitate ""City of the Open Hand"; formerly Sekkai Yurri, the "City of Limes and Lilies"
Toshi no aida ni Kawa "City between the Rivers"
Toshi no Gotei
Toshi no Inazuma "City of Lightning"
Toshi no Meiyo Gisei "City of Honor's Sacrifice"
Toshi no Naishou
Toshi no Omoidoso "City of Remebrance"
Toshi sano Kanemochi Kaeru "City of the Rich Frog"
Toshi Ranbo wo Shien Shite Reigisaho "Violence Behind Courtliness City", "Kita no Yosa", "Northern Fortress"
Toshi Tetsuharu "Iron Crane City"
Vyakarana "City of Magic"
White Petal City
Yufuku and Heigen Toshi "Prosperous Plains City"
Zakyo Toshi "Pleasure City"

Cities of Non-Human Races Edit

Candas "City of Freedom"
City of Dreams
City of Night
Heaven's Fall
Holy City "The place of falling"
Iyotisha "City of Astronomy"
Kalpa "City of Rebirth"
Lost City
Nagashi Naga Toshi
Nirukti "City of Joy"
Siksa "City of Courage"
Toshi no Kijo
Vyakarana "City of Magic"

Gaijin Cities Edit

Bo Cheng
City of Bronze
City of Orphans
City of Pen-Zyu
City of the Dead
City of the Seventh Star
Fu Gang
Jin Lu
Long Sheng
Medinaat al-Salaam "City of Peace", "Kala Jahir", "City of One Thousand Stories", "Aliquet-Ra", "Jewel of the Horizon"
Pahatan "Golden City"
Qiang Qiang
Zhengfu "City of Gold"

Cities in the ColoniesEdit

The Aerie
Journey's End City
Kalani's Landing
Second City
Twin Forks City


  1. Way of the Daimyo, p. 20

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