Celestial Alliance

Citadel of the Celestial Alliance

The Citadel of the Celestial Alliance was the only city were the free jinn dwelled. It was the one remaining jinn citadel free from Shilah's ancient wrath. [1]

Aspect Edit

It had a bridge which ended in two giant bronze doors. [1]

History Edit

After the Day of Wrath Edit

When the first free Jinn decided to flee the tyranny and slavery of man after the Day of Wrath they took service as equals with Sahir. As time passed they sought out and freed a number of their brethren. Soon they realised that a place to live away from the humans was needed. So the Citadel was used to house them. Floating some distance of the ground, the Jinn city remained hidden at this point, its location known only to a select few in order to protect it from the dark Jinn and humans. [citation needed]

Headquarter Edit

The Celestial Alliance used it as their headquarters, and the humans began to know and visit it. [citation needed]

Wedding Edit

In 1132 was celebrated the wedding between two Alliance members, Sahalah, daughter of the murdered Sultan, and Saqr al Fediq, a jinn Sahir who had taken human form, into the hallways beneath the Citadel. [1]

Attacked Edit

Shortly after the Citadel was assaulted by the Kaleel's Legion. In the following counterattack Kaleel was destroyed, and the Khayel fueled to the stars. The members of the Alliance followed to fight it, fading from the Mortal Realm. [2] It was not known what had happened later with the Citadel.

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