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Chuyo was a Provincial Governor near a mountain range, a province which had absolutely nothing of any significant value. [1]

Station Edit

Chuyo in his youth was a sentry in his family's ancestral estate. He moved from duty to duty in search of glory, serving as a yojimbo, a scout, and a lineman, with no success. Chuyo was appointed as governor of the province he was born after the previous one died with no heirs and no one wished to replace him.

Book of Shadows Edit

Chuyo had discovered rumors of seventh seventh book of Enlightenment written by the prophet Rosoku, one that was lost and omitted from those discovered and possessed by the Keepers of the Books of Enlightenment. A man of both scholarly and spiritual pursuits, Chiyo became obsessed, and ordered to find it and return it to him. He would use it as a springboard to finally gain recognition. [1] The Book of Shadows was recovered by Doji Fujie, Isawa Aiya, and Bayushi Ryuu. [2]


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