Agasha Chunigo was a scholar shugenja and Jade Magistrate of the Phoenix Clan who became a tainted Maho-tsukai.

Seeking lost artifacts Edit

Chunigo sought lost treasures, to gain more knowledge from artifacts he could find. [1] He became Chunigo after the Mask of the Maw corrupted him. [2]

Mask of the Oni Edit

Chunigo found the Mask of the Maw in the ruins of Shiro Chuda [1] in 1159. [2]

Corruption of Chunigo Edit

Chunigo's residence burned to the ground, due to an accident of some sort, and was supposed dead. Isawa Maasaki, an old Chunigo's associate, came to Shiro Chuda, suspecting a powerful and tainted nemuranai could be unguarded in Phoenix lands. [2]

Chunigo Revealed Edit

Maasaki saw how the maho-tsukai killed a Moto shugenja, and fled after Maasaki attacked him. Shiba Aikune would be informed that Chunigo was alived, corrupted due to the Mask of the Maw, and serving to the dark side. [2]

Hunted Edit

In 1165 the cultist cell that was hidden in the Phoenix mountains was hunted by Jade Magistrates. The cultists took their own lives to avoid questioning, and only Chunigo survived, because the Mask did not allow Chunigo's suicide. The Mask was retrieved and sent to the Phoenix for study and he was imprisoned under the personal supervision of Asahina Keitaro. [3]

Rain of Blood Edit

Keitaro kept Chunigo in a concealed prison outside Toshi Ranbo, but no information was provided by Chunigo. The Daidoji Daimyo, Daidoji Kikaze guessed the tainted had provoked the Fires of Toshi Ranbo and tortured personally Chunigo. The maho-tsukai did not know anything about the fires, but told a bloodspeaker plan that would cover the Empire under a Rain of Blood, to be casted by a ritual enacted by Iuchiban, the Heartless. [3]

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