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Shrine of Duty

Meiyo Seido

The Shrine of Duty was one of the seven Shrines of Bushido, built in the Village of the Reinstated Hero. [1]

Appearance Edit

The shrine was a large enclosed pagoda that housed the daisho of Ikoma Teidei and his ashes. A large statue of Teidei stood outside the shrine, holding his sword in both hands; there was an obvious cut across his left shoulder. The statue's eyes glared down where his lord's brother died. The Festival of the Wandering Hero was held around the statue and Teidei's story. [1]

Monks Edit

A small order of monks dedicated to the virtues of Bushido tended the shrine, and countless sheaves of paper laid about, some with writing on them. The monks encouraged visitors to record their thoughts on the concept of duty, and many samurai responded in haiku form. [1]

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